Thursday, April 16, 2009

super new i-phone app

i love my i-phone: we do everything together!
the phone itself is so cool (except the very sub-standard camera which i actually like using cuz it is kinda lame)! the best thing about the i-phone is all the applications (apps) that you can easily upload. i have apps to help me loss weight, keep me organized, stream the current weather radar, find out where i am and where i am going, show me tonite's constellations, sample crazy sounds, schedule fake phone calls. i go fishing, bowl with the mister, dance with my thumbs, identify birds while i'm walking oto...on and on ( i have 8 pages!). there are 25,000 apps and growing! yesterday my baby brother threw his hat in the ring with his first app for the i-phone! the BABY SUPER TRACKER was developed to help parents keep baby organized and up to date...its fun...its useful and my nephew is on the cover page!

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