Thursday, May 28, 2009

matryoshka mahem: trend or not?

after seeing two postings on web urbanist on the diversity of matryoshka (nesting) dolls, i decided to drag mine out for comparison...and a photo session! i have three different sets, thus making it a "collection". my favorite is the one of my family, (including black lab) because it shows both my mom and me wearing a piece of our own jewelry: that's cool! i also have a bill clinton one: not sure which one, if any, is hilary, but monica lewinsky is a stand out in her blue dress! i also have two mini ones i received as a child when my parents went to russia in the seventies. some of the other images are from weburbanist, the others are from an etsy search for "nesting dolls". from madonna, to russian aristocratics, endangered animals and mp-3 charging stations, chess men and robots: those nesting dolls have it all. enjoy!

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