Wednesday, October 7, 2009

draconids meteor shower for date night

inspired by the president and first lady, i struggle to come up with some brilliant plan for weekly date night with the mister, which actually hasnt happened yet, but will soon, i am sure! so, my idea for tonight is pretty budget-conscious, especially for me. i thought i could meet him at his office in georgetown around 5:15 (now!) we could cruise down to the kennedy center's millennium stage for a concert by the russian throat singers (?) the khogzhumchu ensemble @ 6:00: sounds a bit odd, but i am game for anything! i picked up some yumminess from whole foods: if the winds die down after sunset, i thought we cold walk toward the mall in front of the lincoln memorial and have a picnic, followed by front row seats at the draconids meteor shower. better grab a jacket!

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