Saturday, February 27, 2010

j&g steakhouse rocks!

ok: dinner with the 'rents morphed from fun evening out to gastronomic extravaganza when we had dinner at j&g steakhouse in the w hotel at the hotel washington last night. the food was fantastic, really one of washington's top five eateries- i had a blt salad with blue cheese dressing followed by salt encrusted rockfish (truly amazing); the view my mom and i had from our seats of the washington monument was awesome;
 the service was right on time (wish i could remember our waiter's name because he was great), and the  atmosphere was real cool : dj included in the 'living room'. i cant remember the last time i was at the hotel dad and i used to grab a bite to eat there back in the day when we both worked for jimmy carter ( i was a child: i swear!). i remember the two of us eating wings up on the balcony and pigeons landing on the rail next to us: the wings were the same size and shape: were we eating chicken wings or 'squab'? hmmm...disturbing! my first job as a designer (really, an assistant to the interior designer) was renovating the guest rooms at the hotel washington. it was a traditional-transitional, historic-type re-decoration: the mirror in my entry hall/living room was a sample for one of the prototypes, in fact: big and gold. not much has changed since the last time i was there, except the weather was frigid, the food was fantastic and the vibe was real chill.

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