Wednesday, May 26, 2010

how many oil rigs are in the gulf coast?

a lot...4,000 or so. looks like a lovely view from those so called 'resort beachs' in texas.  i read the cruise ships that enter and exit new orleans do so at night so their passengers arent horrified by the industrial smell and look as they go in and out of port. but drill, baby, drill! profits are more important than anything in our country...or any country, clearly. and once the oil finishes spilling from the deep water mine, the gulf wont be fit for anything but drilling: brilliant bp, halliburton and mine and mineral officials (hello: please put down your porn for a second!)! in my neck of the woods, oil drilling off of the virginia coast appears to be stalled for a second while governor mcdonnell is forced to rethink his idea of mixing the big rigs with weapons testing...he is working without tools (again) because the pentagon says three-quarters of mcdonnell's proposed oil and gas lease sites are off limits to corporate greed due to military training, weapons testing, gunnery exercises and naval manuevers run mostly out of oceana. existing commercial shipping traffic in the tidewater and up the bay in baltimore also played a role in the minerals management service's postponement of hearings on the virginia lease sales. i wander if bob has the balls to decide between the d.o.d. remaining in virginia or his oily campaign contributers making record profits off of our waters. in the future, maybe voters will think about the future.

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