Monday, June 28, 2010

weekend gardening

this weekend was super hot, but i still managed to log about 8 hours either gardening and/or doing random yardwork. i have big time weeds, so i spent a couple hours filling two trash cans and a small recycling container with weed tree cuttings, bermuda grass clumps and out of control morning glory and porcelain berry vines. i also took the pansies off of the front porch and put them into the composter...i refilled the self-watering planters with chartreuse and black sweet potato vines, and anticipate adding fuschia mini petunias in the very near future. all the potted plants were mulched with the shredded remains of the old red oak. the front door mattes were cleaned as was the porch, with a broom, dustpan and finally a hose. i split the grasses between two pots on the front porch and two on the shed steps...they also were mulched, as were the blueberry plants up there. 
four eggplants and 4 basil were planted in the newly turned west side bed,and all of the volunteer mini yellow pear tomatoes were tied up.

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