Saturday, August 28, 2010

tea party with raviolis

what a lovely day it was here in the nation's capital: upper 80's...bright turquoise skies with puffy white clouds...hoardes of tea party-ers.well, that part sucked cuz they all came in their mini vans with their "bush is starting to look good!" bumper stickers and "dont tread on me!" american flag t-shirts to tie up traffic far and wide in the megapolis...i still managed to take the dog on a sweet hike through rock creek park and pick up six different types of raviolis and two types of cheese at eastern market. 
i said hi to mann made, shoba and cherie lester and gave john wye a peck on the cheek since i hadnt seen him in a while...came home through thick, confused traffic and grilled amazing drumsticks...ate them with a chopped savoy salad with green onions and a blue cheese vinegrette for dinner...currently enjoying a martini...

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