Friday, September 10, 2010

weekend stuff to do

arts on foot is so great and just one of a myriad of weekend shizz to do...and you should get out cuz the weather has not been finer in a while!
dc shorts is a film festival featuring 97 movies 24 minutes or less (hence: 'shorts'): its the perfect prescription for the add/adhd crowd! the grand bash is tonight at the navy memorial plaza: get over there and party hard...oh, yeah: and watch some films! thru next thursday...
•celebrate yet another new project over there near the nationals' stadium: the yards park is now officially open and they are having a festival to prove it! it is supposedly "the centerpiece" of the newly renovated waterfront: guess i will have to check that out...there will be pies...
page to stage is a free event at the kennedy center sunday and monday featuring a lot of theatrics and possibly some jazz hands.
•happy architecture week! there will be many events celebrating the nation's capital and its multitude of foreign embassies...get your a.i.a. on, but dont forget your passport.

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