Friday, February 4, 2011

ice, ice, baby!

so we are still slipping and sliding here in dc, nine days after the start of snowmagedon, and despite the fact that punxsuatawney phil said spring would definately and without a doubt arrive early this year, there actually appears no end in sight to this icy hell. at this point i am truly looking forward to summer's high heat and humidity! then i get this evite for tonight inviting me to join in a celebration at donovan house: sounds great until i read the party is at adc, a roof top bar above ice bar. yes, tonight is the opening of an arctic style ice-infused drinking establishment, outside in the cold. i dont was only a two layer underarmour day, but tonight is supposed to be like four or five, so i might have to pass: you guys have a blast and get your true chill on, though! 

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