Tuesday, October 25, 2011

today's problem: sleeping

one of the problems of living in an urban area is being able to sleep through sirens, trash trucks, barking dogs, howling cats, school buses...i dunno: what else? so for years i have armed myself with a sound machine to mask all noises evil.
i prefer 'ocean waves' to lull me into a deep slumber. then i sleep like a baby and awake refreshed! the mister has grown used to the masking machine: other people think its a bit weird. i once took the sound device with me to a workshop in tennessee. my lawyer/potter roommate said "fine" to it, but i really didn't want to impose, so i set it to wake us at an agreed upon hour...then i left for an all-nighter in the metal shop. when i returned around 4:30am, my roommate was asleep, but awoke as i got into bed, mumbling about a rooster crowing repeatedly. i thought she was talking in her sleep, so i ignored her. she suddenly sat up and said: "the f-ing rooster in your sound machine has been crowing all night!". i must have accidentally turned one of auxiliary sounds on and she couldn't turn it off!
lesson learned: farm noises are not soothing.
(uhm...that's the miami sound machine above: also not soothing)

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