Wednesday, March 14, 2012

spring cleaning

 i started cleaning and organizing my studio back in january, and i finally finished: there is a place for everything and everything is in it's place.
i even organized myself by putting each of my projects on a slip of yellow paper, listing the steps i need to perform in order to complete each one, and hanging them in a prominent place where i would see them daily.
now, just gotta do it!
(ignore that huge pile of to-be-filed)
three little pigs guard my vintage jewelry...polly pocket sits quietly amongst the (also vintage) hip-hop cd's. i love the drawing above the mirror of me and the mister given to me by five year old neighbor, grace:
i look like a princess, a very tall and thin princess!
my work bench is completely organized
(i ♥ magnets!)...
unfinished work on the right foreground has been separated by color...plastic up-cycled (!) sushi trays hold glow-in the-dark chandelier wind chimes hang at the rear of this area, with supplies stored in clear glass containers on the stainless steel shelf behind.
 it took a lot of work, but it has been worth the effort to be able to find anything/everything i need to be more efficient during studio sessions.

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