Monday, April 16, 2012

today's problem: refinery29

wtf? all i can tell you is if refinery29 shows it: i buy it!
here is last week's haul:
color blocking is all the rage, they say: i say "yes: these shoes will tie an outfit too-getha!"(i am not positive i can actually walk in these: they are 6.5")

i ♥ metal, so when refinery showed me these open toe copper crazy-ass shoes, i said "yes, ma'm!"
(again: not sure about the walkability of these either)...

now these i love and they are my new favs!
kicks that make me tall: love em. so anywho...i need to lay off for a while and i will beat this: i talked myself off the wall on a sequined jacket friday they were talking about: one day at a time.

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