Monday, November 23, 2009

how to cook a thanksgiving turkey on the grill

i had big plans this weekend, but due to the dog's surgery on friday i kind of hung out with him saturday and sunday: i organized my clothes/closet when he was relaxing in bed...i watched a little tv when he sat on the sofa looking out of the window at the blue jays and squirrels: i saw bobby flay from the food network cook his thanksgiving turkey on the grill: intriguing! coming from california, i use my grill almost every night to cook everything from vegetables to pizza, so this is a technique i want to try! i love turkey and could eat turkey sandwiches forever, so i think i am going to do this. my husband works at a family company and every year in conjunction with a food drive for s.o.m.e., all 300+ employees receives a turkey for thanksgiving (and a ham at christmas!). so, my dead bird will be here tomorrow, and I'm cooking it-stuffed with wild rice and sausage stuffing-on the grill... i better get a new meat thermometer as i melted the last one...oh wait: this wild rice and goat cheese dressing sounds way better!

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