Wednesday, November 18, 2009

master of your own domain? there's an app for that!

master your domain with the master gardener app for iphone and itouch! i have been using master gardener for a few days to organize my winter crops and plan for seedlings in january. i have a wish list of edibles i want to grow consistently, and the huge data base of 40,000 plants makes specifications so easy, plus i have wikipedia access for research and link purposes. i have to say: when i typed in 'arugula' i got a blank screen and had to enter it manually, but it was really simple and quick, frankly! i can easily add other gardens to my journal and include my own photos for reference. it is a gardening tool i can utilize in so many different ways! excuse me for saying 'it is kind of awesome!', because my brother, anita and myself designed it after a conversation last christmas dinner...eleven months later-and a lot of hard work- it was accepted into the apple store last thursday! please check it out and let me know what you think: we will try to improve it and version 2 is already in the apple pipeline for release asap. i love my iphone and this is just another reason i cant live without it: please join me!

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