Saturday, March 13, 2010

27th annual antique photo show

tomorrow morning i will be packing up some of the photos i have collected from flea markets in bethesda, georgetown and capitol hill and hauling them over to the 27th annual antique photo show in arlington. i have about 20 tin-types that i would love to get more info on: some appear to have been taken at a boardwalk somewhere along the east coast. i also have a turn of the 19th-20th century photo album chronicaling a life from baby-dom thru death: very intense! they have experts at the show who can tell you about your antique photos and expert exhibitors affiliated with several photo related historical societies will offer free appraisal consultations"Customers should bring photos with them and should ask at the entrance table to be directed to the expert exhibitors who've volunteered to participate," said Show Manager Rall, who also manages The Flea Market at Eastern Market on Capitol Hill. i have had an obsession with photography and photographs for as long as i can remember...probably fueled by my dad who was a professional photographer...and ansel adamsstieglitzdavid lachapellecindy sherman and other countless amateur and professional photographers, because i know i am forgetting many.

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