Thursday, March 18, 2010

day 76: design something every day

i am really behind on posting my daily designs...mainly because i have tried  to make my design time something tangible, something i have been meaning to work out, but just havent taken the time to put on paper. so, i have taken on some larger projects that i have been putting off, like the renovation/addition to my old house. i put up the design drawings a few weeks ago, but i am not going to bore you with the roof layouts or structural plans i have been working on. the final design drawings will be completed in a few months, and those should be interesting! i am also working on a couple changes to the river house without ruining the integrity of it's a-frame.  the main problem here is no protection from the elements at the entry- last weekend's torrential rains really brought this into focus. a roof is in order, but we would also like to expand the half-bath above the entry into a full bath and have a full-height ceiling in the tiny room. here is a sketch of what i am proposing...dimensions need to be worked out in a scaled drawing (coming soon!).

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