Wednesday, November 10, 2010

are you a fan?

i am not really into facebook like a lot of people: i feel funny posting my eating habits to my friends-on line or i.r.l....i dont want anyone's opinion on my outfits...and i'm not really into television (that i care to speak out loud about)or movies. so, i'm there...on facebook...but, i only participate when forced, er, poked. today i unabashedly opened a business page, which used to be called a 'fan' page, i think. i figure i work a lot on a bunch of different projects all at the same time, and maybe somebody might be interested...or 'like' it, i mean. so i spent the last five days figuring out a design for my main page, and then how to load it in 'fbml' (really?), and that was a trick, mind you! then how to install my two etsy shops on separate clickable pages, which was also interesting! it's done now, so please go to
lynda andrews-barry designs...take a look...write on my herban elements or my enamel jewelry shop...and give it the thumbs up if you are so inclined!

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