Sunday, November 21, 2010

honoring andy irons

earlier this month one of my favorite surfers, andy irons, pasted away from "unknown causes": either dengue fever or a drug overdose...they dont know yet. he was one of the greatest surfers of all time with all the right moves, and frankly, he was hot! i grew up in the foggy bay area a wanna-be surfer girl, and spent a considerable amount of time at stinson beach practicing...mostly body surfing cuz i couldnt afford a board. after moving to the east coast before my surfing prime ;), i have followed the sport fairly religiously on cable tv or on ustream i love andy irons and am sad to see him go! around the world, irons was honored with paddle outs: an in-the-water hawaiian celebration to honor the life of a lost surfer. my parents live in hawaii and have sent me photos of a paddle out that took place in front of their place: the fallen surfer's board was pushed out into the pacific with a hibiscus lei placed on top, friends and family left behind...a very poignant moment for all. so, r.i.p. andy: you will be sorely missed.

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