Tuesday, January 11, 2011

my favorite iphone 4 apps

my new (ish) iphone 4 is very fantastic: the new camera is super sharp...i love the multi tasking option...and i havent had an issue yet with reception, even with a bumper cover...the apps make the phone your own, so i have a couple hundred or so, but just a few favorites. here's a short list of my best, in no particular order.
square:  a credit card processing service with extremely reasonable rates and a super cool credit card zip scanner that fits into the headphone jack. your customer's credit card is processed very quickly; they sign their receipt with their finger on the face of the phone; receipts are sent view email or text; the money is deposited directly into your bank account: it is so great!
scanner radio: listen in on police activity in your neighborhood ...or someone else's.
trapster:  via the phone's built-in gps, this app shows and tells you where red light and speed cameras are, as well as places police speed traps are commonly located. it really works almost as well as a radar detector and if i had it running a few weeks ago, i could have avoided the $135.00 ticket received in the third street tunnel.
wall street journal: keep yourself informed: its not boring at all.
lose it: very simple calorie tracker with a large data base of supermarket and restaurant foods, plus the ability to customize...also notes exercise calories burned. you can set goals and track your progress...if you want.
evernote: this is probably my favorite app because i like being organized and it gets rid of all of my scraps and bits of paper, file folders, and printed copies of research i might be doing on the web. also takes voice memos, text and photos...everything is in one place...and i can find it.
ezimba: simple and very effective photo manipulation/enhancement app. you can do special effects...or just rotate a photo.
iradar/radar in motion: i have a whole page of weather/outdoorsy-type apps, but i cant live without at least two radar apps...looking for number three!
master gardener: great app for busy gardeners, especially in winter when i am trying to plan a few different gardens ...this app was designed by me and my brother.
peapod: if you arent having groceries delivered, you are wasting time! peapod brings you the freshest foods straight from the warehouse...they give you any sale prices and accept coupons...your previous orders are kept as a list so ordering is quick and easy...delivery is usually free but if you cant find a discount code, it is $7.95. the peapod app lets you do it twice as fast from your phone...under the covers...at 3:30am.
youtube: i loaded all of my favorite retro shows! now i can watch the odd couple, square pegs, mary tyler moore, rhoda, pee wee's playhouse and kimba the white lion whenever.
style.com: streaming runway shows: need i say more?

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