Monday, February 27, 2012

weekend bites

the weekend started off super windy and ended up just chill. i consumed some delicious food, and although i didn't feel like sharing at the time, i have now changed my mind!
friday night the mister and i headed to guardado's in bethesda.
i discovered this place through a living social coupon i bought, and have continued to patronize it because the tapas are yummy, the mojitos are divine and the staff is friendly and attentive.
saturday, ham sandwiches from the honey-baked ham shop,
followed by a divine vegetarian mushroom stroganoff and crunchy salad with an incredible dressing (recipes tomorrow).
yesterday, after a quick visit to return things to ikea, we headed downtown to comet ping pong for wings and a smoky pizza: de-lish! as an interiors architect, i find the design of ping pong curious, but it was entertaining watching patron after patron trying to locate the restrooms and then asking for assistance in opening the "artistic" (?) doors:
this had to be super annoying for the staff as it happened no less than 10 times in the one hour we were there. anywho, its over, so back to work!

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