Saturday, January 2, 2010

design something every day: day 2

in my shop i have a ton of half thought out projects on my work bench and inspiration i store in glass jars...but here in the woods i have nothing: no silver; no copper wire; no tools or gemstones, nothing! i bought a sketch pad at the dollar store yesterday and have found objects to incorporate into my #daily365 designs. today, a piece of driftwood became a cuff bracelet. i was going to set the wood into a bezel or prong set it, but then i found a hole perfect for setting on a spike on what i see as it's bottom. the texture of this driftwood is very beautiful and forms lovely, swirling patterns, so i want to cover up as little as possible. there are a number of holes in the driftwood which i plan on setting balled fine silver wires. so there is my idea for 01-02-2010 (happy palindrome day, btw!)...details to be worked out in the shop.

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