Friday, January 1, 2010

new year's resolutions

i dont usually make actual new year's resolutions: i did a "mission statement" years ago after pestering from "seven habits of highly effective people" author steven covey. the mission statement serves as a road map for lifelong goals, and keeps my disorganized self on the correct path, according to me. i re-read it every month and update it at the new year. it works for me, so i stick with it! but, this year-2010-i am making a few short term goals and taking on some individual projects.
1. finish the construction drawings and begin construction for the renovation of my little 110-year old farm house
2. landscape design plan for same with an emphasis on edible plants/shrubs/trees
3. daily stretch
4. design something new EVERY DAY for 365 days
5. post daily to all four of my blogs
6. attend to my sad little dawanda shop
7. work on herban elements and high contrast: my two etsy shops
8. improve the master gardner app for iphone and itouch
9. improve my cooking knowledge/techniques
10. fabricate new line of jewelry monthly
so, i also have to lose a bunch of weight, but no need to actually write that one down.

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